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A critical review of a story in the press Essay Example for Free

A critical review of a story in the press Essay The story I have chosen to review is about Derek Bond, a 72 year old pensioner from Bristol. Mr Bond was arrested by South African authorities, when he arrived for a family holiday with his wife in South Africa. Mr Bond was detained at the request of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, on suspicion of being one of Americas most wanted criminals; the alleged crime a $4. 8 million telemarketing fraud. Fortunately, for Derek Bond it was a case of mistaken identity. Eventually he was released, with the help of media intervention after a traumatic three week ordeal, locked up, in a South African prison. The story broke in a television news broadcast by the BBC six o clock evening news, on Tuesday 25th February 2003. The story was published by the newspapers the following day, 26th February 2003. The two newspapers I have chosen to compare the story are, The Guardian, and The Daily Mirror. The Guardian is a politically left-of-centre broadsheet newspaper aimed at professional middle- class Britain. The Guardian uses formal vocabulary to report on the facts of a story it is writing about. The Guardian costs 55 pence to buy, and provides, national and international news, policy and politics section, finance, sport, theatre, art reviews, and finally human interest supplements. The Guardian offers extremely good value for money, over an average of 35 pages. In contrast, The Daily Mirror is a politically left-of-centre tabloid newspaper aimed at working- class Britain. The Daily Mirror uses informal vocabulary consisting of common words that are easily understood. This would indicate that its aimed at a lower readership, than The Guardian. The Daily Mirror costs 32 pence to buy, and provides, national news, showbiz gossip, advertising, holiday offers, horoscopes, television listings, finance, and, finally sport. On average, the reader will get 60-70 pages of coverage. ANALYSIS DAY ONE THE GUARDIAN The coverage of the story began on Wednesday 26th February 2003. It was placed on page three of the newspaper on a day when front page news headlines focussed on, War rebels challenge Blair, about the up and coming war on Iraq. The article, in question was headlined, The Names Bond but is he a fraudster wanted by the FBI or a Bristol family man? The headline was printed black on white, with an approximate letter size of one inch. The effect of this is a play on the catchphrase of James Bond 007 spy films, to create mystery and intrigue, and grasp the readers attention. Two feature photographs 5 wide, and 8 long, in size are placed directly beneath the headline. The photograph on the left hand side, of the real fugitive is in black and white print. This image shows him looking very sombre, similar to an FBI, Mugshot photograph. In contrast, the photograph of Mr Bond is in colour, portraying him as a respectable family man dressed in evening attire, smiling and looking very healthy. This obviously shows the contrast in style between the two men. A further two photographs appear directly beneath Mr Bond; one of the police station, in Durban where he was held, and the other a photograph of his three children. Both photographs are in colour and approximately 3 wide and 2 long, in size. The reason behind these two photographs is so the reader is given an insight where Mr Bond was held, and too see the look of pain and disbelief, on the faces, of his children. A sub-heading occupies the top left hand corner, which summarises the whole story. Emotive words have been used, Victim, and Theft, to attract and engage the readers attention. Different styles of typography have been used across the whole page. For example, a bold print dropped capital letter, one inch in size, at the beginning of the opening paragraph, to draw the eye of the reader, to the introduction, and not browse over the story to the end. Directly beneath the photograph of fugitive, Derek Sykes, alias Derek Bond, a different style of typography has been used, to show a comparable section in which comparisons are made between, what Mr Bonds family claim, and what the FBI claim is true. This has been highlighted by the use of a sub-heading in red bold print. In addition to this, bullet points have been used to divide the statements. ANALYSIS DAY ONE THE DAILY MIRROR The coverage of the story also began on Wednesday 26th February 2003. The story was placed on page nineteen of the newspaper, in contrast to The Guardian where the story was placed on page three. This means that The Guardian, considers the story of rather more importance, than The Daily Mirror. Two totally different headlines stole front page coverage, firstly, Is Richard the No 1 VILLAIN in TV soap history? Secondly, MUTINY- 100-plus Labour rebels to defy Blair over Iraq. This is typical of a tabloid news headline; TV soap is given priority over the Iraq crisis. The story began with a bold print capitalised headline, THE NAMES BOND The letters are one inch in size. The headline is similar to The Guardian, but leads the reader on to the next part of the page. The typography of White on Black has been used to highlight two sub-heading statements, which are as follows: Is he a toupee wearing $4. 8m fraudster and one of the FBIS most wanted criminals Or a balding 72-year-old wine-tasting Rotarian who lives in Bristol? Each statement has a letter size of half an inch, and is placed in a 3 squared black box, creating maximum effect of the WOB. Directly beneath the first statement is a round photograph of fugitive Derek Sykes, in black and white, 3 in diameter. The photograph used by The Daily Mirror, is identical to The Guardian, but is scaled down in size and a different shape. In addition, a photograph of Mr Bond is placed directly beneath the second statement. Basically, this reveals who, The Daily Mirror thinks is the real, and false, fugitive. Furthermore, a photograph of Mr Bonds children appears beneath the main headline, which is black and white, and 2 squared in size. The photograph is different to the one used by The Guardian; its in a different place, and in addition is not posed. It seems to have been taken by chance, rather than with consent from the family. ANALYSIS DAY 2 THE GUARDIAN By the following day, Mr Bond had been released as the FBIs mistake was acknowledged. The story on day 2 is given front page priority. A sub- heading in red bold print is placed as a footnote; the footnote reads, Good news for Mr Bond, followed by a brief summary, and the reader is directed to page 3, where the story continues. In addition, to the footnote a cartoon caption appears next to the directional pointer, which is sarcastically laughing at the incompetence, of the FBI.

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Management Principles & Practice Essay Example for Free

Management Principles Practice Essay A group of twelve lifelong friends put together $1,200,000 of their own funds and built a $6,000,000, 48-lane bowling alley, near Norfolk, Virginia. Two of the investors became employees of the corporation. Ned Flanders works full-time as General Manager and James Ahmad, a licensed CPA, serves as Controller on a part-time basis. The beautiful, modern-day facility features a multilevel spacious interior with three rows of 16 lanes on two separate levels of the building, a full-service bar, a small restaurant, a game room (pool, videogames, pinball),and two locker rooms. The facility sits on a spacious lot with plenty of parking and room to grow. The bowling center is located in the small blue-collar town of Wallingford. There is no direct competition within the town. The surrounding communities include a wide-ranging mix of ethnic groups, professionals, middle- to upper-middle-class private homes, and apartment and condominium complexes ranging from singles to young married couples to senior citizen retirement units. Nearly 200,000 people live within 15 miles of Wallingford. The bowling center is open 24 hours per day and has a staff of 27 part- and full-time employees. After four years of operation, the partners find themselves frustrated with the low profit performance of the business. While sales are covering expenses, the partners are not happy with the end-of-year profit-sharing pool. The bowling center operates at 100 percent capacity on Sunday through Thursday nights from 6:00 P.M. until midnight. Two sets of men’s leagues come and go on each of those nights, occupying each lane with mostly five-person teams. Bowlers from each league consistently spend money at both the bar and restaurant. In fact, the men’s leagues combine to generate about 60 percent of total current sales. The bowling center operates at about 50 percent capacity on Friday and Saturday nights and on Saturday morning. The Friday and Saturday â€Å"open bowling† nights include mostly teenagers, young couples, and league members who come to practice in groups of two or three. The Saturday morning group is a kid’s league, ages 10 through 14. There are four ladies leagues that bowl on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Business is extremely slow at the bowling center on Monday through Friday and Sunday mornings, and on the afternoons of Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It is not uncommon to have just three or four lanes in operation during those time periods. The owners have taken a close look at the cost side of their business as a way to improve profitability. They concluded that while the total operating expense of $1,466,000 might appear to be high, there was in fact little room for expense cutting. At a recent meeting of the partners, James Ahmad reported on the results of his three-month-long investigation into the operating cost side of other bowling alleys and discovered that the Wallingford Bowling Center was very much in keeping with their industry. James went on to report that bowling alleys were considered to be â€Å"heavy fixed cost operations† and that the key to success and profitability lies in maximizing capacity and sales dollars . QUESTIONS 1. Apply the decision-making process described in the chapter to this case. What is the major problem facing Wallingford? List five specific alternative solutions that could be implemented to solve that major problem. 2. As general manager of this company, how could you utilize and manage the group decision-making process and technique to improve company profits? Which employees would you include in the group?

Automation Technologies in IT Organisations

Automation Technologies in IT Organisations Most IT organizations would have several automation technologies in use. Scripting would be the most popular method of automation in IT. Automation is the connecting of different systems and software in a way that they become self-operating. Examples of these systems used are: Artificial Neural Network Distributed Control System Programmable Logic Controllers Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Intelligent Automation In many organizations, automation could be used for data centre operations and batch processing of large files. This would do away with the need for IT employees during this period, with the I.T professionals only being required if a processing situation accoutred. This use of mechanical and electronic equipment will decrease the need for human interaction Distributed Control systems control action is distributed and monitoring is centralised. The whole system of controllers is linked by networks for communication and monitoring. It a designed control system used to control complex, large, and geographically distributed applications in industrial processes. It divide a large application into multiple smaller subsystems, each of which carries out a portion of the application, and allow these subsystems to communicate with one another. Distributed control systems have advanced from two older technologies, direct digital control, and hybrid control. (Siemens, 2007) Distributed controllers are linked to field devices and operating PCs through high speed communication networks. Discrete field devices such as sensors and actuators are directly connected to input and output controller modules through communication bus. These field devices or smart instruments can communicate with PLCs or other controllers while interacting with real world parameters like temperature, pressure, etc. (robo, 2016) Discrete Control Systems features Can process complex processes System redundancy Scalable platform System security (robo, 2016) says An important concept in a DCS is the of breaking down of software into smaller logical parts, independent of system hardware. This makes system design much more effective as the software is smaller. This makes it easier to write, debug and maintain than the larger programs in computer and PLC systems An automated system doesnt learn from previous experiences, a simple example of this would be an email spam filter. Occasionally, vital emails wind up in the spam folder while spam emails gets past the filter (Rouse, 2012). Intelligent automation is helps to solve this errors. The benefits would not just be cost reduction but can lead to Accountability Efficiency Predictability Greater scale Product innovations Intelligent automation is changing the way business is done and has progressed substantially in recent years. These new developments is to have a massive impact in the world of work. IBM has announced a $1 billion investment to commercialize its Watson cognitive computing technology. (Deloitte, 2015) Systems and software can detect and produce enormous amounts of data that then automates the entire processes, adapts, and improves.   Application variety from the essentials to the ground-breaking. These can be anything from data analysis to unmanned self-driving cars.   Intelligent automation software needs to understand your business developments and their variations. It has to take into account that data when performing automated business developments authentication to verify that the correct business result happens. The variety of business difficulties in which these services and software can be used on the increase as new technologies for voice recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning advance. They can be used by most people and are gradually becoming accessible as open source or low-cost products. Employee resistance (worker displacement) Less versatility by having a machine that can perform a certain task limits to the flexibility and variety of tasks that an employee could do. High Cost of upgraded machines can be expensive, operating costs and maintenance for this equipment will add extra cost. Machines can be anywhere between thousands and millions of euro depending on the automation. Increase in unemployment more advanced automation will leave more people out of work. Unpredictable costs there can be several unpredictable costs that may exceed the actual cost saved by the automation itself. Some of these costs could include research and development costs of automating a process, preventative maintenance costs, and the cost of training employees to operate automated machines. The technologies are starting to become available and if applied correctly and it can lead to opportunities for the future. The opportunity could be beneficial for workers, doing away with repetitive and dangerous work in all forms. This could lead for people having a higher standard of living and a better way of life. Business benefits would not only be cost reduction over time but can better use the highly skilled workers in other project critical areas. It would lead to faster and better results, better services and products. Deloitte. (2015, 03). Retrieved from robo, d. (2016). automationforum. Retrieved from Rouse, M. (2012). TechTarget. Retrieved from Siemens. (2007). Retrieved from

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Solicitors in the 19th Century Essays -- Solicitor

The Middle Man: Solicitors in the 19 th Century â€Å"I have been, Eugene, upon the honourable roll of solicitors of the High Court of Chancery, and attorneys at Common Law . . .† --Charles Dickens, Our Mutual Friend The Profession * There were two branches of the legal profession - barristers, and attorneys and solicitors. Solicitors usually dealt with landed estates and attorneys advised parties in lawsuits. The two roles combined and the name â€Å"solicitor† was adopted (The Law Society). The attorney or solicitor was the general legal adviser and attended to all the paperwork and collected the evidence. He dealt with legal matters on behalf of his client such as the drawing up of wills, trust instruments, marriage contracts, and conveyances of land (Eurolegal Services). In Society * Beginning in the 19th century, the bar became a referral profession; members of the bar did not deal directly with members of the public but took their instructions only from solicitors (Eurolegal Services). * C. W. Brooks suggests that the â€Å"lower branch† (legal professions be...

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Aimee Benders The Rememberer and Franz Kafkas The Metamorphosis Essay

The characters in Aimee Bender's â€Å"The Rememberer† and Franz Kafka's â€Å"The Metamorphosis† are all adjusting to life after their love ones started to change. On each story the characters behaviors change and the reaction to each citation take a different perspective on life. Bender’s â€Å"The Rememberer† the narrator and Ben are lovers presenting a physical and intellectual connection to each other sadness â€Å"He was always sad about the word. It was a large reason why I love him. We’d sit together and be sad and think about being sad and sometimes discuss sadness† (Bender 101). The narrator becomes sadder as Ben transform from a human to an ape, and finally a sea turtle. She is aware that Ben is somewhere inside the ape. At first she wanted to find the reason for the transformation. She becomes his protector, telling strangers and coworker he was ill, she did not want anything to happen to Ben. Then she fells lonely and she want to â€Å"to take care of my lover like a son, a pet† (Bender 102), hoping to retain Ben as long as she could. But the reality was that he is gone and she could not see him again. She finally realizes she have to let him go, because it was difficult for her to continue to see Ben in these conditions and without a sign of the human being she love so much. The characters of Kafka’s â€Å"The Metamorphosis† are similar in the aspect that the family members of Gregor the main character are going to a transformation as well. But they take a different approach than the Narrator and Ben in Bender’s â€Å"The Rememberer†. In Kafka’s â€Å"The Metamorphosis Gregor is traveler salesman that becomes a giant insect. He is his family providers and this transformation jeopardizes his job. As he struggles with his physical condition and worri... ...ntil people do not become familiar and educated they do not know how to handle such situations. These histories have a relation to people suffering with mental or physical conditions. The person affected by such personal change may do not understand what is happening to them, while the family and friends may do not how to approach changes. They may feel alone and make difficult decisions like separate them for the ill person. Instead of providing the love and comfort on times of need we become cowards and look the other way pretending nothing is happening. WORK CITED Bender, Aimee. "The Rememberer.† The Story and Its Writer. Charters, Ann. Compact 8th ed. Boston: Bedford/ST. Martin's, 2011. 100-102. PRINT. Kafka, Franz. "The Metamorphosis." The Story and Its Writer. Charters, Ann. Compact 8th ed. Boston: Bedford/ST. Martin's, 2011. 471-505. PRINT.

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Motivation Essay -- Motivation Leadership Management

What is Motivation? Motivation is the force that makes us do things: this is a result of our individual needs being satisfied (or met) so that we have inspiration to complete the task. These needs vary from person to person as everybody has their individual needs to motivate themselves. Depending on how motivated we are, it may further determine the effort we put into our work and therefore increase the standard of the output. When we suggest factors (or needs) that determine the motivation of employees in the workplace, almost everyone would immediately think of a high salary. This answer is correct for the reason that some employees will be motivated by money, but mostly wrong for the reason that it does not satisfy others (to a lasting degree). This supports the statement that human motivation is a personal characteristic, and not a one fits all option. The Importance of Motivation Motivation can have an effect on the output of your business and concerns both quantity and quality. See it this way: your business relies heavily on the efficiency of your production staff to make sure that products are manufactured in numbers that meet demand for the week. If these employees lack the motivation to produce completed products to meet the demand, then you face a problem leading to disastrous consequences. The number of scenarios is extreme but you get the general picture. Your employees are your greatest asset and no matter how efficient your technology and equipment may be, it is no match for the effectiveness and efficiency of your staff. Motivational Theory: Herzberg's Two Factor Theory Motivation has been studied for many years stretching beyond the 19th century. As a result, a number of theo... ...hough frequently used, the least effective method of motivating a worker is with a negative consequence, such as a verbal dressing-down, suspension, or the loss of the job. Punishment may achieve immediate results, but it does not accomplish internal motivation for several reasons. First, adults are not inclined to remain in employment where they are threatened and intimidated. Second, workers who are backed by a strong union may dissolve the threat with a higher level of authority. Third, scares and intimidation can create animosity toward a superior and employees may respond with hostility and subversion. Another problem with the fear strategy is that it creates a punitive climate in which individuals are afraid of being different from or of offending others. This particular situation has a tendency to diminish creativity and lead to intellectual stagnation.

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Comment on the title ‘A Cup of Tea’ Essay

Plan1.Pre-writinga.Gathering information about Katherine Mansfieldb.Revising the texti.Singling out heroesii.Building a timelineiii.Depicting localesiv.Finding phrase a cup of teac.Revising the analysisi.Stylistic devicesii.SPUsiii.Text structured.Studying meaning (a theme analysis)i.How the message revealsii.What the characters learn during the storyiii.What the author feels about the characters and the conflict (Authors Modality)e.Linking the message with the title2.Writing the compositiona.Introductionb. Characters and developmentsc.Messaged.Conclusion3.Verifyinga.Lengthb.SpellingCompositionThe story is written by Katherine Mansfield a famous New Zealand writer. She is considered one of the great masters of the short-story form. Mansfield’s stories are poetic, delicate, and ironic; they are characterized by a subtle sensitivity to mood and emotion, revealing the inner conflicts her characters face and resolve. Her style much influenced by that of the Russian writer Anton Chekhov, in turn had great influence on later short-story writing. From the first lines we get acquainted with the protagonist of the story Rosemary Fell and her husband. The author describes her family and Rosemarys lifestyle: They were rich, really rich, not just comfortably well off. The family is one which is called from the top drawer. The next key character the reader encounters is a young beggar girl from the Curzon Street. In contrast with Rosemary the girl is without a penny to her name. She is the one to mention the key phrase for the first time. Would you let me have the price of a cup of tea? Rosemary is extremely surprised by the absence of money. How extraordinary! To Rosemary it looks such an adventure like something from an imaginary book. And she asks the girl â€Å"Come home to tea with me.†So here we can trace that a cup of tea is the first thing from which the adventure begins. In fact, they meet each other because of the girls intense desire to have money for the price of a cup of tea. So a cup of tea plays key role in the plot it allows the two women meet each other. And Rosemary invites her using convention of tea drinking as a pretext. Come home with me now in my car and have tea. After the meal with tea Miss Smith transforms into something undeniable attractive. When the tea-table was carried away a new being, a light, frail creature with tangled hair, dark lips, deep, lighted eyes†¦ Then Philip appears, he knows his wife well and clearly sees what this is all about. He plays on his wifes jealousy and makes this mischievous adventure stop. The author tries to underline the gap between the rich and the poor. The authors modality shows that theres nothing kind in this irregular adventure which began upon the pretext of having a cup of tea. To break social standards is thrilling when you read about it in books but it wont do in real life. As a result, the a cup of tea adventure leads to Rosemarys inner conflict she asks herself whether Philip thinks she is pretty or he is so dazzled by the beggar girl. To crown it all, the title a cup of tea corresponds to the main developments of the story. Its is like a universal symbol which helps to unite the key occurrences and make the plot look natural. Bibliography 1.  ® Encarta  ® 2009.  © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. 3. by Correspondance Vesnik D.A. Moscow, 1976